• Who We Are

    "And the things thou hast heard of me among many witnesses the same commit thou to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." - II Timothy 2:2

  • Missions

    Missions in the 10/40 Window: The 10/40 window is the most unevangelized region of the world with one full-time Christian worker for every one million people! Our goal is to continue training men and women to meet this dire need in the darkest corner of our world. Many PBBC students have been sent, but the need is still great.

  • Church Planting

    Our country is in trouble, and the answer isn't going to be found in the court house, but rather, the church house. Hundreds of America's growing international are without even one solid, independent Baptist church. The need is great for servants of God to help turn the tide of our nation one community at a time, and PBBC is training these very servants.

  • Faithfulness

    Faithfulness to the biblical principles of our Baptist forefathers: In essence, it's the radical, biblical Christianity we trace back to the time of Christ that saw thousands of churches started, our country influenced, missionaries sent out, and pure, holy Christianity preserved. We passionately teach and stand firm on these principles.


Missions is the heartbeat of our Lord and thus, it’s heartbeat of PBBC. God has already used PBC and PBBC graduates to pioneer one of the greatest Independent Baptist works in southeast Asia. In this work, hundreds have been saved, baptized, discipled, and are going out to reach their villages with the gospel. God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things for Him, and this is exactly what is happening in many countries in the 10/40 window.

church planting

Our state and country are in desperate need of change, and this change can only come by the transforming power of the gospel. How is the gospel going to spread, grow and remain in our cities, large and small rural and urban? The answer is simple, through starting solid, Bible preaching, independent Baptist Churches. In our ever-decaying and darkening world, these churches will serve as salt and light to preserve and brighten. Pacific Baptist Bible College exists to see more of these churches planted.

baptist history

Pacific Baptist Bible College is a college that is not only Baptist in name, but in belief, practice, and heritage. We believe that by knowing our rich history, we can learn from the biblical examples of the past and put those same principles into action today. From the ancient Baptist church planting model, to the inerrancy of Scripture and from Biblical separation to the Baptist’s influence on our nation’s founding, we desire that each student would know, appreciate, pass on the heritage given to them.